Trust GOD not man

I for one refuse to put my trust in a man for man will fail you majority of the times not all but majority. What if I told you that regardless when man has let you down that there is a GOD who is always around and willingly available to listen? I remember crying myself to sleep at night when I was pregnant because I felt all alone. There was no one there physically to hold me and tell me things would be ok but GOD. What about the countless women that said I do and then to only turn around and say I don’t. What about the men that told you they would be there forever who turned and walked away. What if he said baby I’ll never hurt you but he told that to her and her and her too. What about the time the sideline chick called you to tell you about your man. I know maybe it was the time he gave you a disease and you insisted that it was not his fault. What if you hurt his feelings and broke his pride so he decided to sleep with her and now she’s pregnant with his child on the way. What if that misguided belief would be put in GOD for he never leaves you nor forsakes you but gives to you everlasting. What if I told you to talk to him when problems arise because he’s not going to go back and run tell that. What if I told you he could calm your heart and set worries aside? You should know that greater is he that’s in me than he that’s in the world. Why don’t you try to let go and let GOD now don’t get me wrong I still give man the benefit of the doubt but I once was lost but now I’m found. You may be raising a little prince on your on just like me or maybe she’s a little princess but it’s a single parent household don’t give up give in and lean not on your own understanding. Greater is on the way if you place your Trust in God not man. Remember victory is mines……

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