Have you been used let down and hurt by someone you would give the world to? Well you’re not alone because just like you I have been hurt also. What makes it so devastating? Is it the fact that you laid down and gave your energy to this person? What happens when you have a child for the person you said \”I do\” to and they use, abuse and mistreat you and they marry someone new. If you’re like me with a kind heart down for equality and justice then it cuts deeper than razor blades. You must know that you have to dust yourself off, hold your head up high and get back up again because it’s NOT OVER. I know you’re probably saying ok, MsSavvy better said than done and you’re absolutely right if you keep that type of attitude but what if you changed your way of thinking. Maybe if you stop setting expectations for that person you wouldn’t be offended by that person. I usually have to bind and rebuke the spirit of offense when someone pisses me off or does some rude ish. That\’s not to say that I’m not hurt by their actions it just hurts a little less when I stop giving them power over me. It’s ok that they hurt you I’m sure their hurting themselves but don’t allow it to consume you. I want you to say its ok that this happen to me it has happened to millions of others I FORGIVE them and myself now be set free.

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