SAVVYTRIBE has it's Benefits

  1. #SavvyDefense~Tools I utilize from spirit to protect me my home and my loved ones.
  2. #SavvyView~ Seeing is believing! Mystical never before seen images-videos and interpretations of the Sun and Moon.
  3. #SavvyCleansing~ Body Purification leads to mind purification in order to go on the journey we must prepare for it. 

More gifts from spirit……

  • Submit Prayer request 
  • Weekly prayer
  • Live chat area 
  • Facebook group forum (private)
  • Daily horoscopes 
  • Curated Member Only content
  • SavvyNews
  • Downloadable guides
  • Monthly affirmations
  • Herb of the month
  • Savvy crystal creation giveaways
  • Tips of Truth
  • Savvy promotions and updates
  • Online courses (coming soon)
  • Discount on courses (coming soon)
  • Opportunities to tell MsSavvy what You Want to Learn

Beyond that, you’ll be the first to hear about new programs, deals, and opportunities as they are manifested throughout the year!!!

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