Spiritual cleansing is a type of healing and protection. By using conscious thoughts, sage, candles, and other divination tools spiritual cleansing is obtained. Doing this can help you to feel spiritually engaged and connected to your space as well as removing any negative influences. It’s not just an act, but a way of life.

Spiritual cleansing is psychic detoxification. Purging, and clearing the aura is a form of energetic healing that involves cleansing the negative energy from a person. Spiritual hygiene aligns you to your highest good and tap into your innate wisdom.

1on1 Cleansing

House Cleansing

House cleansing is a great way to keep your environment vibrant, peaceful, and full of positive energy. Just as homes need to be physically cleaned, they also need the same devotion and attention toward their spiritual health. A house cleansing is necessary to spiritually protect your home. This endeavors to remove negative spirits and energy that’s collected in your home over the past years, months, or days. House cleansings are defined as rites performed to cleanse and protect a home from unwanted energies, cleansing bad luck, and refilling the space with positive energy (Bliss).

When to do a house cleansing ritual:

  • You are experiencing frequent nightmares
  • You feel uneasy, drained, sad, worried, irritated
  • If you get chills when you enter a specific room
  • If you are suffering from sickness or mental illness
  • After arguments 
  • After a string of bad luck
  • If work stress carrying into home life
  • When objects moving or shifting to new positions
  • Your house with violent history
  • Physical or Verbal Abuse
  • Drug or alcohol abuse
  • If someone has committed suicide
  • If there has been a homicide
  • Whenever you have an unwanted house guest
  • If there has been a death
  • When you have experienced traumatic events in your home
  • If you have been burgled
  • If you get a spooky feeling in the house
  • After arguments
  • Divorce
  • You are having restless sleep
  • When you have headaches or backaches
  • Any time you cry for no reason
  • If you want to manifest a new house, job, relationship, love life etc.
  • If you want to improve a specific area of your life
  • If you work from home
  • After client visits
  • After healing or other treatments
  • When you have a new home
  • When you get a new job
  • When you enter into a new relationship
  • After the birth of a newborn baby

Charges for House Clearings start from $175 an hour, including travel time, to clear and bring bliss to the space. A non-refundable deposit of $50 is required prior to a house visit. After the assessment, the deposit will be applied to the first hour of cleansing. For those who live further than 33 miles, an additional $30 fee may be applied to cover additional travel costs.

House Clearings are Performed by MsSavvy. 

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