Beautiful books for your spiritual journey

Created with vision and value, these books by  MsSavvy will uplift and inspire you.

Two beautiful stories that will help build your resolve to bring your light to the world!

My Black is Savvy & Unique

Is for you and me you know the brokenhearted, insecure, distressed, hopeless, miserable, lonely person that lives inside of each and every one of us. When pain and sorrow is all that you know and people treat you less than without even giving you a fair chance. My skin is not my sin just because it’s darker than most. When God has strategically placed those test and trials in your life BUT has also sent Angels to encourage, uplift and heal you along the way. Yet you still feel guilty about the things you have done as if you have fallen short from Grace; get back up. Removing the blame game as well as your shame because the Storm is over now.

Why you should purchase:

  • It contains pain, mistakes, failures, obstacles, gains, wins and Victory guaranteed to inspire, encourage and uplift you.
  • It will help set you free from the shame and guilt of your past.
  • If you desire to learn how to deal with growing up dark skinned in the hells of America.
  • If you want to exceed expectations while making those look foolish who doubted you.
  • If you need the floodgates of Heaven opened over your life look into the life of someone else that has been rained on that was able to turn lemons into real life lemonade.
  • To learn how to deal with the things we run from by facing our fears.

Rebuking a First Lady's Curse

This is my account of being spiritually awakened while being filled with the Spirit. Upon receiving this gift from GOD the Devil was right there to try and steal, kill, and destroy.

I was attacked by the Pastor and First Lady of RBOR in Houston, TX, where a 30 day curse was placed on me. I was instructed to write about it and this is my unbiased detailed remembrance of those events. Malachi 3:11″And I will rebuke the devourer for your sakes, and he shall not destroy the fruits of your ground” They meant it for harm but GOD meant it for good “touch not my anointed” I was not alone for angels guarded me. Psalm 102:1 Hear my prayer, O LORD, And let my cry come to You. FAITH

Why you should purchase:

  • The SPIRIT (change in spirits).
  • For Confirmation.
  • To help Recognize the good, the bad and the ugly.
  • For the Truth of being shunned, looked down upon or hurt by the church.
  • If you are standing in the need of prayer and the ones you were taught to Pray for you has attacked and cursed you.
  • To overcome those things designed against you let me teach you how to triumph over your enemies.
  • If a church has wronged you by their wicked ways be encouraged it will not prosper God will right the wrong.