Bliss “peace and protection”



Type: 3-5 Day Candle

Bliss Candles are perfect for Weddings, Ceremonies, Births, House Bliss, or anywhere you feel that such a thing would be appropriate.

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Use this allegedly powerful handcrafted candle to draw blissings into your home and to cleanse it of all negative spiritual energy. This candle is really great to burn before you move into your new apartment or house. This candle will promote peace, clarity, happiness, and purification. All candles are carved with magical seals and anointed with my special blend of herbs and oils. Glass case included.

All products are made according to the cycles of the moon.

I also charged it with Reiki energy for an extra kick.

Directions: Spend time with your candle even pray over your candle to activate intent within YOUR candle.  Make sure to speak forth those things that you want to be brought into existence in the natural and also in the spirit. The longer your candle stays lit the stronger its energy.  If you leave the home make sure to always blow your candle out.  Ase’

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Dimensions 2.5 × 8.125 cm


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