Banish “Removing Negativity”


Burning time: 5-7 Day Candle

This candle is designed to support your intentions in removing negativity, crossed conditions, or hexes. Any bad energy sent out from envious or malicious people will be destroyed. These candles can also be customized and charged with various seals, oils, and herbs.

Use this powerful handcrafted candle to draw blessings into your home and to cleanse it of all negative spiritual energy. This candle is perfect for cleansing the space of a new apartment or house. The Banish Candle will promote peace, clarity, happiness, and purification. All candles are carved with magical seals and anointed with my special blend of herbs and oils. Glass case included.

Each candle is created according to the cycles of the moon. It is also infused with reiki energy for an added boost.

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Spend time with your candle and get to know its energy, you can even pray over your candle to activate the intention within it. If someone has crossed you or cursed you with negative energy make sure to speak their name if it is known to you. If you are banishing an entity make sure to also call it out by name and assign it to your candle. If you desire, you may carve that person’s name onto the candle and chant. The longer your candle stays lit the stronger its energy will become. Ase’


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Each candle is custom-made.

Please do NOT leave candles unattended. If you leave the home make sure to always blow your candle out.

Keep out of reach of children.


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