Partners or Parasites

There are two types of peoples that come into our life’s parasites & partners. Parasites are biology organisms that live & sustain life at the expense of the host or person they connect to. They release waste & toxins into the body of the host and they feed off of the host without ever offering adequate use of return. Are you in a relationship with a parasite or partner? Common symptoms of a parasite relationship include: Make it impossible for you to rest because they are always making withdrawals without making deposits, parasites leech vital nutrients from your body forcing you to operate poorly leaving you vulnerable to attacks. Parasites are leechers not lovers and they become hazardous to your health. When their dysfunction depletes you- it’s a parasite. When you get drained for always having to deal with their foolishness and when their foolishness seems to always find its way into your energy you have a leecher not a lover. Maybe you have family leechers you know when you can’t keep money from giving money. Maybe your marital spouse is a leech you thought they loved you cuz’ they married you but they married you to reap the benefits you decided to give. Maybe you have associate leechers they are self leechers always concerned about themselves. Is it time for you and me to remove parasites by way of cleansing I surely can use a purge. I need partner’s people that are purposed to build me and walk on side of me that will not be intimidated by me. Partners invest in your life and help you manage your excellence and get to your excellence. Real friends get greater joy by watching you become a better version of you. Remove, bind and rebuke those things which mean you harm I severe all ungodly soul ties what about you?

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