Radelia, aka MsSavvy

Exceptionally passionate, intuitive, and enlightenment-driven, MsSavvy is a powerful soul awakening, inner activation, and energy cleansing professional who aims to advance life quality and support the discovery of one’s higher, authentic self. As a selected spiritual and metaphysical resource chosen by the Universe itself, MsSavvy has an extensive history working with the Sun and the Moon and enjoys leveraging her empowering services to influence mind, body, and soul tranquility for divine life regeneration.

Holding a Divine innerg birthday of November on the 19th at 9 am, MsSavvy was born and raised in a 3rd established city in Texas, Liberty with a Baptist upbringing. Ever since birth, MsSavvy had an instilled gift, as she was chosen by the Universe to be a bridge between the spiritual world and the physical one, receiving clear spiritual visions and answers to questions that she could not only just verbally deliver, but prove with concrete evidence. With this as her calling, MsSavvy strengthened her gifts as she got older, both through selfreflection and advanced education. Fast forward to today, MsSavvy holds a Bachelor’s degree and several coinciding certifications such as her Reiki Master certification, Detox Therapist certification, Rites of Passage certification, and is Deep Spiritually certified. Furthermore, MsSavvy is a respected Crystal Therapist, Yoni Steam practitioner, Herbalist, and is currently studying for her Master Herbalist certification. Whether it be metu neter readings, oracle readings, cleansing homes and items or utilizing the power of prayer to remove evil energies, nothing makes MsSavvy happier than being able to fulfill her life’s divine calling to help others cultivate a quality life filled with ignited purpose, passion, and fulfillment. She has a true ardency for what she does and takes immense pride in delivering advanced soul harmonization and spiritual balancing services that promote inner strength, resilience, and wisdom, all of which enable those who work with her the opportunity to conquer any obstacle within the 3D world. Overall, there is so much more than what is here within the brief stint in the physical body, something that a dormant third eye can see once opened. Because in the end, the body itself may die one day but the spirit does not, and MsSavvy is here to help you surface that reality so you truly connect to your higher spiritual power to become your greatest self. MsSavvy loves what she does and is always seeking ways to advance her connections with the spirit world to give others the positive energy support, guidance, and visually proven answers they deserve. In conjunction with this, she is also a Warrior for the 2nd largest African American church in Dallas and is initiated into the African Ancient mystery system (IFA) as well. However, when she is not working with someone on their spiritual journey, cleansing negative energies, or self-developing, MsSavvy is proactively authoring two spiritual publications, spending time at beautiful waterfalls and springs, and going on liberating adventures to take in all that the physical realm has to offer.


I grew up in a Baptist Church but fell away in my high school years. I moved away from home when I graduated at 18 to Atlanta/Dallas and maintained a living for myself. I had a homosexual friend staying with me when I began to see things and sense a presence. You can read about it in my first book My Black is Savvy & Unique. That was enough to make me surrender my life to God at Friendship-West hoping he would save me. After everything went back normal of course just like countless others I no longer yearned for the desire to be in God’s presence. A year later I purchased my first home it was then that I encountered something far more sinister and territorial. I called on the church to come to my home after I was attacked in my dreams. I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t move, I couldn’t speak as I was shown images as it growled on top of me. The Reverend came over with an associate blessed my home and laid hands on me awakening my anointing. You can also read about it in my second book Rebuking a First Lady’s Curse. Since that faithful day I believe by faith that I have been walking in his grace and mercy welcome to SavvyRenity.

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