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Everyone needs a cleansing kit and ours has everything that you need to maintain positive energy around you. Packed with an abundance of various divination tools to ensure that negativity is kept at bay.


Each kit contains:

Handmade Cleansing Candle: The Handmade House Cleansing Candle is crafted in a ritual setting and blessed for your use. Each candle is made with White Sage Essential Oil and Sacred White Sage which is safely and organically harvested.

Sacred White Sage Stick: Your Sacred White Sage Stick is ideal for spell crafting, smudging, healing and will enhance your cleansing ritual. Every bundle of white sage is cultivated in a sutainable way that respects the traditional use of this divintation tool. Wild-harvested and unique, your Sacred White Sage Stick will provide you with its magical goodness.

Maine Seashore Clam Shell: Handpicked and retrieved from the peaceful Maine coastline, your clamshell has been blessed and touched by the divine energy of the ocean tide, kissed by the sweet air, caressed by the suns rays, and bathed in the moons glow. 

Hand Painted Feathers: Each feather captures the beauty of Native American healing and the use of ceromnial tools. They are hand brushed (not airbrushed) for smudging, cleansing, healing, and other crafts. Display your feather with pride and use it to sweep away negativity from your space.

House Cleansing Spray: Your handmade and spiritual cleansing spray is created with the highest quality sacred white sage essential oil. It’s perfect for cleansing any space and will realign the energy in your home. Keep your home energized between smudges and cleanse away negativity with this wonderful Misting Spray.

Herbal Charm Bag: Call upon the power of herbs and benefit from its blessings with your herbal charm bag.  The potent and prosperity-wielding energy that it boasts will fill your life with magic. Each bag is made with five  magical herbs, each with its own unique properties. Hang it in any area, carry it with you, or place it upon your altar. Please note that that the fabric and ribbon may vary from the photo.

Black Onyx Gemstone: This deep and mesmerizing stone is connected to the root chakra. Its powers will absorb negative energy and provide you with protection in every aspect of your life. Its cleansing and grounding properties can help you to relieve stress while making you feel more courageous and ready to take on the world.

A Pack of Sea Salt:  Sea Salt is traditionally used for purification, cleansing, protection, and blessings. Its therapeutic and mystical properties provide a range of benefits that can be used around the home or in your bath.

Keep that same InnerG spray

Cleansing your home of bad spirits with essential oils is one of the easiest cleansing rituals that you can incorporate into your life. It’s quick, simple, and has the powerful effect of removing negative entities and earth-bound spirits.

Spritz the air in your home and feel the power of the essential oils cast away negativity and bad vibes. The InnerG spray is especially effective at purifying your home after any conflicts or if you are feeling low. To do this, simply set your intention and focus on it while you spray your surroundings.

To assist you with setting your intention recite this mantra: ”I banish all negative energies from this house with the energy of love and light.”

If you’re always on the go pop the spray bottle in your bag and take its energy with you wherever you go. Whenever you use this spray it will rid all negative disturbances and shift the energy around you.

Places like hotels and motels which have been visited by hundreds or even thousands of people, are perfect for you to use your InnerG spray. Using this will make your stay more pleasant and surround you with positive energy. To assist the effects of the spray, make sure to do house cleansing on a regular basis to keep the energy around you vibrant, positive and joyful. 

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