Guard Your Mouth

Are you a good woman? If so do me a favor and CONTROL YOUR MOUTH! We say some of the most hurtful things to someone all because we are often hurting ourselves. We put on face and walk around as if everything is OK but were secretly dying on the inside. We lash out at others and sometimes at the ones that generally care for us tearing them down with us. It could be your son, daughter, mother or father but majority of the time its your man. That\’s right the person that you need to hold and console you doesn\’t want to deal with you and its all because of YOU and your mouth… Lets step outside of ourselves and think about it he already has to fight these folks everyday and I be damn if he has to fight you too.. Maybe you make more money than him so you feel as if you can talk down to him. Maybe he lives in your home so you feel the right to tell him to get out. Maybe he cant afford to buy you the things you desire but does that equate to him being less than a man? We are so confused and misguided that we tear down the very ones we need most. Guard your mouth ladies hold your tongue at the top of your roof. Lets challenger ourselves to be his comfort not his headache. Guard your mouth keep watch over the door of your lips(Psalm 141:3) #ThinkItDontSpeakIt #LetItGo

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