Complacent Spirit

It’s time that I remove myself from certain people, things and atmospheres that are hazardous to my health. I will admit that it feels all so good to be in a place where everyone is indulging in their habit so we basically feed one another’s demons but to what end. We all know people who seem happy with themselves but by their actions we also see they’re trapped within the confinement of their mental hell. I mean they do a great job at taking care of others but what about them taking care of themselves. Doesn’t it hurt that you can see the pain and tears in their eyes yet they smile as if everything is just fine.
Compassion brings us to a stop of what we think is best for a person but unless that person realizes their own value it’s really dead in the water. How about every time you have a story they have a story that trumps yours from umpteenth years ago. So do you know someone who suffers from being complacent or is this person YOU? Have you heard them say don’t worry about something as if it’s no big deal but in reality it really is just that a big deal, this is a complacent spirit. You have become so comfortable with your surroundings and social interactions that you’re sinking in quicksand of complacency. You don’t try to do anything different to enrich your life instead you’re ok with the familiarity of your daily program. Don’t be this person who allows life to pass you by where you’re no longer riding it until the wheels fall off instead you took several seats on the Ferris wheel that keeps moving in a circle (get it). Please call on GOD for healing, saving, delivering, protection, providing and everything you need to be rescued from the quicksand. We were born to be real not perfect we all fall short. I am building me up and that takes progress so I have no time for complacent people in my life. Misery loves company and we must watch the company we keep. Shalom

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