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Ms Savvy's Sacred Journey With The Universe

Hello and welcome to your Savvy Journey. I invite you to discover a new world of holistic healing through my mentorship. As a true free spirit, I follow the guidance of the universe and the spirits to tap into the Divine intelligence. With my help, I can assist you with your healing and support you as you unlock your greatest potential.
Call upon me as a healer, friend, confidante, and active listener. I am here to support, help and uplift you through the good times as well as the bad. If you’re looking for inspiration, healing, and help with understanding your purpose I can offer you Divine insights.

“You are Healed, you are Whole, you are

Transcended in PowRA for your spirit is Eternal...
A Tribute to my brother Justin Douglas (Justins Legacy coming soon)

JustNRG Portfolio

Who is MsSavvy?

Exceptionally passionate, intuitive, and enlightenment-driven, MsSavvy is a powerful soul awakening, inner activation, and energy cleansing professional who aims to advance life quality and support the discovery of one’s higher, authentic self. As a selected spiritual and metaphysical resource chosen by the Universe itself, MsSavvy has an extensive history working with the Sun and the Moon and enjoys leveraging her empowering services to influence mind, body, and soul tranquility for divine life regeneration.

Holding a Divine innerg birthday of November on the 19th at 9 am, MsSavvy was born and raised in a 3rd established city in Texas, Liberty with a Baptist upbringing.

My areas of expertise:

Reiki Master
Spirit Savvy Advisor
Healer & Herbalist
Motivational Speaker

Join Savvy Tribe

Your SavvyMembership has all the benefits that you need to assist you with your personal development.

SavvyDefense ~ Featuring tools that I utilize from spirit to protect me, my home, and my loved ones.

SavvyView ~ Seeing is believing! Mystical never before seen images-videos and interpretations of the Sun and Moon.

SavvyCleansing ~ Body Purification leads to mind purification in order to go on the journey we must prepare for it.

Plus, more gifts from spirit…

Beyond that, you’ll be the first to hear about new programs, deals, and opportunities as they are manifested and launched throughout the year!!!

Believe, Expect, Repeat

What ohers say?

I am healed!!! This young lady has healing hands and I’m glad that Jesus is using her.

Linda Ford

Her performance was extremely successful. As a result of this collaboration, I am a better person.

Dianna Young

What a pleasure to work with you. Thanks a lot for your beautiful spirit and your passion!

Brett Lewis

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