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Amount is $22 per reading consisting of 3 questions- in depth guidance $33

Do you have a question about your life and the state in which it is in?

Are you searching for answers and desire spiritual intervention?

Are you hoping to change your direction?

Unsure of how to make meaningful and positive improvements in your life?

Is your life in disarray and your need direction to become a NU(new)?

Are maybe you desire spiritual insight into your state of being and therefore question your existence.

SavvyReadings via Email or Live Text Chat

MsSavvy offers you the opportunity to receive accurate Email Readings sent to your email inbox.  Are you always on the go or do you adhere to a tight schedule? Let MsSavvy help while providing you with affordable and convenient guidance that you can read anytime at your own leisure book a SavvyReading now.

 Doesn’t need to be purple just giving you idea of distinction.

SavvyReadings- Email / Life Chat​

Convenient – Insight – Clarity !

This is the era of digital communication, we find great convenience in gathering information with the assistance of the internet, social media platforms, search engines, texting and yes… email.

A truly called light-worker with abilities can connect through any means of communication.  An Email reading is the perfect solution for the person on the go.  MsSavvy will receive your questions immediately, focus on your specific needs and email answers to your questions. They will arrive in your personal email inbox within 3 days (24 – 72 hours).

Your answers will be delivered to you in email format, allowing you to forever have access to the roadmap of your answer.

MsSavvy can provide you with an email reading that can assist you in exploring your life’s journey, understanding your destiny more clearer and determining where things stand, and where they may be going.

For clients who prefer a more conversational approach, MsSavvy also offers live chat readings by appointment Like email readings, MsSavvys live chat readings are archived so that you can re-hear them again later.

If you’re looking for more than a reading, MsSavvy offers Bliss/Banish Candles, Spiritual Energy Work (SavvyReiki) and SavvySessions to help you learn how to eliminate those parts of your life that are unfulfilling, or sapping too much energy away from you. If you feel exhausted, think that there are never enough hours in the day, you’re constantly struggling to stay afloat, and your life is just too busy, explore our SavvyAlchemy section and you might find exactly what you are looking for.

All services are confidential and your readings are password-protected.

Preparing for SavvyReadings

Make sure you have your question clearly thought-out in advance of requesting your reading. If your reading is by email, ask your questions clearly and concisely for best results. If your reading is going to be “live” by chat, bring a notebook. Taking notes is very important during your session. Things that may not make sense at the time of your reading may prove very important later. You can refer back to those notes at a later time.

MsSavvys email readings and live chats are always saved online and password-protected, so you can review them at any time.

Spoiler Alert: Some clients may say why should I have to give you any specific information, you are gifted and should know, to this I answer – Hell to the Nawl, to the nawl, nawl, nawl, Sorry, I am not a mind reader beloved, I try and be obedient to spirit nothing more nothing less all I can do is what I’m destined to do.

I encourage my clients to look within themselves for their answers as well, and can give you guidance on how to do this. I work in this way because I can give you answers, direction and guidance, but ultimately it is up to you to make the final decision to reject or accept the answer.

Legal disclaimer: The law states that Spells, Tarot Readings, and Spiritual Work are for entertainment purposes. You agree that you are at least 18 and older before you make any purchases. You agree that Spiritual Readings or Spiritual work is not a substitution for any legal, medical or financial advice. Douglas Dynasty is not liable or responsible for any paranormal activity that may or may not occur due to the use of our products or services.